Friday, May 10, 2024

Beneficial Rains becoming likely!

It's been quite a while since widespread rains have benefited much of the high plains.  This spring the weather systems have either been too fast (bad timing), air aloft has been too warm, or simply there hasn't been enough boundary layer moisture.  Since it's getting later into the spring, boundary layer moisture will become more abundant.  Plus, at least for this next few weeks, systems will be slower to move across the plains and the associated Elevated Mixed Layer (EML or warm air aloft) will not be quite as pronounced.  The result will be increasing amounts of rainfall and should cover a larger area geographically.  Here is a look at how much the Weather Prediction Center is forecasting through next Friday the 17th.

The very long term outlooks provided by Hutton Weather Futures (HWF) have been consistently accurate.  This period coming up for mid-May was expected to have much better odds of having beneficial rain (outlook was made in December) and it appears that is in the offing. Clients of HWF have the benefit of being able to plan ahead for various operations such as applying herbicides earlier/later, planting earlier/later, seed population, etc., etc..  There has been great success!

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