Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Update - December 11, 2019

Unfortunately this will have to a be a short post. 

I will need some free time to give much detail about the weather pattern into the growing season.  I hope to be able to do that sometime during the week of 12/16.

Looking at this afternoons satellite image....

The red L across the Gulf of Alaska will most likely be the next significant weather maker for the plains.  However, it will undergo many changes before making it to the central plains.  Thus, any details of timing, type of precipitation or intensity are not predictable.  Sure, some computer models have been robust with sensible weather.   But this far out (time and space) just about any solution seems possible (from absolutely nothing to a decent amount of precipitation).  Stay abreast by monitoring your trusted weather source.

Here is a map of precipitation that has occurred this past 2 weeks....

Not much.  But, this is the driest part of the year, so it's not too surprising.

From previous posts, the cycle of weather patterns for this year started in early October.  I need more time to analysis the weather systems across the globe in detail, but I "think" we're starting to transition into the second phase of that pattern. Until I get a chance to do that (again hoping for later next week of the 16th), I really haven't changed my thinking to much.  That is:

Winter (through the end of February) - overall dry with numerous outbreaks of cold, some bitterly.  Now having said overall dry - it will take only a couple of significant storms that "hit" just right and they could bring precipitation amounts to closer to normal.  But, that's an IF they are efficient producing storms.  I do think there will be several of those significant storms.  But there will likely be prolonged dry stretches, with wind unfortunately.

Early Spring - I would count on at least a couple of significant winter storms (i.e, blizzards).

More next week.